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City Crane Hire

These compact cranes are very manoeuvrable making them great in tight spaces. They have a long boom giving great reach for their size.

Suitable For

13 Tonne City Cranes

City Cranes for hire in Shepparton, Echuca & Wangaratta Regions

Also known as Bubble cranes they are great for lifting light loads in tight spaces. They are all wheel drive allowing them to access tight sites with ease. The small tail swing allows the City crane to set up close to walls and fences and still slew with a load. Sometimes used in factories due to their small footprint and long reach.
Regularly used for general lifts such as steel, air conditioners, electric motors, pipes and swimming pools. We have 13 tonne units available for hire.

13T City Cranes Features

  • Very compact
  • All wheel steer
  • Long reach for size of crane
  • Variable outriggers
  • Fast set up time
  • Can work indoors
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