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Factory Relocations

Factory Relocations Victoria & Southern NSW

Our Lifting, Moving & Transportation Services:

  • Factories
  • Workshops
  • Food Processing Plants
  • Heavy equipment
  • Specialised machinery
  • Commercial Businesses

Factory & Machinery Relocations Shepparton, Echuca & Wangaratta Regions

Moving to a new location, or making way for a new line? Quicklift has the equipment and personnel to ensure your Factory relocations, including equipment is re-located safely and without damage. Our wide range of Cranes, Forklifts, Skates and jacks that enable us to shift large machinery with ease while our extensive transport fleet enable us to move large & heavy equipment safely, whether on site or interstate.

Working with our company, which specialises in this type of move, as well as being fully insured for the work, gives you the certainty that all your equipment is in good hands. Our modern fleet of over 20 cranes, as well as 2 decades-long experience in Shepparton and its surroundings, will save you precious time, and you’ll be able to resume your activities very quickly and smoothly once the move is complete.

Call our office on 1300 WE LIFT and speak with our friendly operations team for further information or bookings.

Featured Projects

Why Choose Quicklift for Factory Relocations in Victoria & NSW?


We take the risk out of lifting. Trust us to help make sure that everyone goes home safely and that nothing gets damaged.


Communication is the key. Our friendly office staff are waiting to take your call and our after hours service has you covered 24/7.


We understand. Trucks show up unexpectedly. Jobs get brought forward or pushed back. With over 20 cranes we can supply at short notice.


With our wide range of quality equipment and highly trained team we have the experience to make the most difficult lifts look easy.

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