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Lift Planning

Plan the Perfect Lift with Lift Planning

There are various logistic & safety considerations when preparing to lift heavy & expensive loads.

  • Site constraints, location & timing
  • Impacts on the environment & others
  • Ensuring relevant hazards are managed safely
  • Crane type, size, dimensions and configuration
  • Crane outrigger loads & ground bearing pressures
  • Road access permits & counterweight transport
  • Rigging the load safely & without damage

Quicklift can provide lift planning for all types of projects.

The Pre-planning of a lift ensures that everything is covered off prior to works commencing. We can supply a Lift plan, Lift Study, Engineered Lift or Designed lift, depending on the requirements of the lift.

We use CAD software and satellite imagery to present a visual representation of how we propose to conduct a lift. This allows the set up to be reviewed and any potential problems to be identified early in the planning process and addressed prior to arriving on site. The Liebherr Liccon software enables us to determine the optimal crane configuration and calculate the relevant outrigger loads. We work through identifying any relevant hazards and develop a safe work method statement that identifies risks and details how they will be safely managed.

Some of the tools we use during lift planning include, Nearmaps satellite imagery, in-house drone photography, CAD Software, Liccon Software, 3D lift planner, OEM calculators among others.

Please call our friendly operations team on 03 58312171 and for your next lift or for more information regarding our lift planning.

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Why Choose Quicklift for 3D Lift Planning?


We take the risk out of lifting. Trust us to help make sure that everyone goes home safely and that nothing gets damaged.


Communication is the key. Our friendly office staff are waiting to take your call and our after hours service has you covered 24/7.


We understand. Trucks show up unexpectedly. Jobs get brought forward or pushed back. With over 20 cranes we can supply at short notice.


With our wide range of quality equipment and highly trained team we have the experience to make the most difficult lifts look easy.

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