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Truck Mounted Crane Hire

These traditional style cranes have fixed counterweight, which means they do not require additional trucks to mobilize. They are more economical to run than other types of crane and are usually quicker to set up.

Suitable For

30 - 60 Tonne Truck Cranes

Truck Mounted Cranes for hire in Shepparton, Echuca & Wangaratta Regions.

These rugged and reliable cranes are simple and strong. There are no counterweights to transport or fit and their sequential boom sections extend simultaneously allowing for fast set up. With axle weights lower than other types of crane their road travel is not as restricted by road authorities.
Regularly used for general lifts such as shed roofs, roof trusses, swimming pools, air conditioners and shipping containers . We have 30 & 60 tonne Truck Mounted Cranes available for hire.

Truck Mounted Crane Features

  • Fast setup time
  • No additional counterweight
  • Economical to run
  • No road permits needed
  • Extremely reliable
  • Fast road speed
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