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Our Franna Cranes can Lift & carry your load.

Franna cranes are the industry standard for picking and carrying loads on site. Fast to site and fast to set up, these cranes are designed to get jobs done quickly and safely.

Suitable For

20, 25 & 40 Tonne Franna Crane Hire

Franna Cranes for hire in Shepparton, Echuca & Wangaratta Regions

Franna Cranes: The Versatile Workhorses of Australian Construction

Franna cranes are a uniquely Australian innovation that has transformed the construction and heavy lifting industries. These mobile cranes are known for their ability to lift and carry heavy loads across challenging terrain, saving time and resources on countless jobsites.

What is a Franna Crane?

A Franna crane is essentially a powerful crane mounted on a truck-like chassis. This design grants them the mobility of a truck and the lifting capabilities of a traditional mobile crane. Unlike other mobile cranes, Franna cranes don’t require outriggers, meaning they can be set up and operational in a matter of minutes – perfect for fast-paced worksites.

Why Are Franna Cranes So Popular?

  • Versatility: Franna cranes excel in a wide range of applications within construction, mining, oil and gas, and infrastructure development. Their lifting power and reach make them ideal for maneuvering materials on busy jobsites.
  • Maneuverability: The articulated steering system of a Franna crane provides superb maneuverability. This allows them to navigate tight spaces and work comfortably in congested areas where traditional cranes would struggle.
  • Speed: Since Franna cranes can travel with a load attached, there’s no need to continuously rig and de-rig a crane as you move materials. Plus, their roadworthy design allows them to travel to and from jobsites quickly.

History of the Franna Crane

The Franna crane was invented by Dave Francis in the 1970s. Francis recognized the need for a mobile crane that could lift and transport loads without constant setup and breakdown. The original Franna design was built using truck components, establishing the blueprint for this iconic class of crane.

Key Specifications of Franna Cranes

Here’s a quick look at some typical specifications:

  • Lifting Capacity: Franna cranes are available in a range of sizes, with lifting capacities from 10 tonnes to 40 tonnes or more.
  • Boom Length: Boom lengths on Franna cranes can vary, providing tailored reach for specific tasks.
  • Engine: Modern Franna cranes use fuel-efficient diesel engines that meet strict emissions standards.

Where to Find Franna Cranes

Franna cranes, a Terex brand, are sold and serviced worldwide. If you’re interested in adding a Franna to your equipment fleet, the manufacturer can guide you to an authorized dealer in your area.

Let Us Know if You’d Like to Learn More!

This is just a short overview of Franna cranes – powerful and innovative machines. If you’d like more information about specific models or want help determining if a Franna is the right lifting solution for your business, feel free to contact us!

Franna Pick & Carry Crane Features

  • Can pick & carry loads on site
  • Fast set up time
  • Great inside factories
  • Require low head room
  • Can telescope with a load
  • Fast road speed

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